Space Formation, the Relative Autonomy of Architecture and Architectural Designing

Current research project that investigates architectural space formation in its relationship to the relative autonomy of architecture as well as the resulting significance of space formation for architectural designing. By so doing, the objective is to make a fundamental contribution to the understanding of space formation as an essential dimension of architectural design as well as to make comprensible and applicable for design practice its corresponding potential.

In the first part of the project, the relationship of space formation to relative autonomy will be analyzed by clarifying and relating design-theoretical terms in the context of specific architectural-theoretical discourses. In the second part, this architectural theoretical analysis is linked to designing. In doing so, the design-related significance of space formation is examined on the basis of an already developed systematics of designing and via the analysis of concrete design examples. In the third part, a monograph will be written in which the results of the first two parts will be summarized and published in this form.