Primary school, Graz

New building of a primary school (2200 m2) with sportsfield (open competition).
Starting point of the design is, on the one side, to create together with kindergarten and crèche a clearly defined outside space and, on the other side, to maintain the spatial continuity of the monumental green of the park. Therefore, the new primary school gets placed opposed to the crèche and perpendicular to the slope of the hillside with the sports field positioned in front. As a result, three spatially dedifferentiated outside areas for kindergarten, crèche and school were created.
Complementary to kindergarten and crèche building, the school is designed as a compact structure, which integrates into the sloppy terrain (rolling green roof) and the surrounding building structure (short and long cube). At the entrance side above, the building has one storey, at the opposite side it has three. In its ‘natural’ movement, the green roof moves against the slope of the hillside, whereby the space for the school is created in-between.
The new building is organized in split-levels. All inside spaces are arranged around a central hall space, where through a roof light natural sunlight falls until the lowest level.