Home, Hollabrunn (A)

Conversion and extension of a home for children and adolescent persons with living-, working and common areas (6000 m2) incl. the new design of the whole outside area (open competition).
Starting point of the concept is to realise a coherent building structure, which unites new and old buildings, generates clear spaces and spatial relations at the outside and which allows a clear arrangement and organization of the favored use.
The new building structure comprises three main elements: a) a long bar consisting of the old chapel and the drawn-out new building with workshops (ground floor) and associated apartment buildings (1st floor), b) the parallel situated old main building with the new emergency centre and c) the between a) and b) situated new service building with dining-hall etc.
By this arrangement a spatial structure of also three clrearly defined outside areas of different socio-spatial quality is created: a) the upper lying park attached to the apartments, b) the lower lying fruit and vegetable gardens attached to the workshops an c) the between both levels situated entrance area with marketplace, attached to the service building and with contact to the main building.